POPIA Awareness Training

In terms of POPIA Regulation 4(1)(e) your business is required to ensure that all staff that process personal information receive POPIA awareness training. We provide on-line PAIA awareness training.

Step 1: Register the business

Step 2: Register the names and email addresses of delegates to receive training.

Step 3: Make a secure on-line playment.

Step 4: Once delegates receive a confirmation email they can access the training course.

Step 5: Delegates can download a PDF certificate of completion once they have completed the training.

Step 6: Contact our POPIA compliance specialist should you have questions relating to the training content ([email protected]).

Our system will notify the selected team members of their training via email wherein they can follow a link to access the training video.

The training will be loaded as chapters and, once all chapters of the training have been completed, the user will receive a PDF certificate which can be downloaded from the POPI.LEGAL dashboard.

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